Following on from the successful release of the beautifully crafted and presented “At The End Of The Day”, alternative rock duo A Broken Silence continues on the path to the upcoming release of the group's acoustic album by presenting the second single off the said material - "Light Up The World"! Once again transcribing the formation's unique characteristics and distinguishable features into a completely new, acoustic setting, "Light Up The World" showcases the ability of emotionally-driven rap verses and melodic vocal passages to still contain their intended energy and atmosphere, even when they are being presented through different composition approaches and methods, as this established tendency only further emphasizes the undeniable potential of A Broken Silence's "Unplugged" initiative. Watch the video for "Light Up The World" here:

Explaining the creative approach utilized in the creation of "Light Up The World", A Broken Silence shares: "This song is about re-writing history, playing the victim, virtue signalling and fighting a war that’s been created through fake bias media. It discussed the other half, the ones who will not be pushed around by "cancel culture", the need to "virtue signal" or any of the far-left madness that is being presented as the new normal."

1. “At The End Of The Day”
2. "All For What"
3. "Wake Up"
4. "Hope"
5. "Are You Not Entertained"
6. "Soul"
7. "Daydreams"
8. "So We March To The Stars"
9. "Boom"
10. "Light Up The World"

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