22 for Silicon Alone' released its first LP ‘Only Dark Matters’ on May 21st. The project is led by Alexis Pfrimmer, singer/songwriter, producer & director, based in Brussels.

Behind this enigmatic title hides an ambiguous observation, a provocative statement that stands like a refrain for a modern Orpheus. Along the album, Alexis takes us with a high-flying team on a journey full of twists and turns. Each song has its own atypical combination of styles and yet nothing feels disjointed. This mastered patchwork, largely rock- influenced, allows itself astonishing digressions: from heavy metal to light jazz, through Drum'n'Bass or even EDM, its singularity remains on the spotlight and gives us the impression to be the soundtrack of a film without images.

Lyric-wise, we can talk about surrealistic poetry, both in French and English, where there is again space for ambiguity, word games, double meanings and unspokens. Straight out of a tortured love story, in need of reciprocity: a wannabe french lover caught in an impossible relationship, from wounds to wounds, he confides in music, a foray of lights into the shadows, a path as tortuous as it is virtuous.

Accompanied by a puzzling visual in which we discover a creature without a face, arched like a sphinx in the middle of an ageless living-room partially buried in sand. Obviously, a unknown being, half-human half-nature, is '22 for Silicon Alone' suggesting a new mythology?

Watch the video HERE.

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